Friday, August 7, 2009

Dream a Little Dream

We all have dreams.
You know which ones I'm talking about, those dreams that started when we were children. The early ones, full of wonder and hope. The ones that left a sparkle in your eye when you thought about them. For some, those dreams eventually disappear and things change. Your desires, your friends, your family, your self. Life takes unexpected turns and sometimes it makes you realize that your dream is not sustaining you.
So you do something about it:
You move.
You change careers.
You change friends.
You by a car.
I refused to be one of those people who settle for being everything they never wanted to be. If I saw that my life was headed in the wrong direction, I made a u-turn: if I met the wrong person, I kept my distance: and when I met a good friend, I was a good friend back. I knew my whole life that I wanted to be a mother and maybe a doctor or a nurse so I didn't let my husband's salary stand in the way of that dream. Don't get me wrong, when I became a mother, I devoted everything I have to my family and still do. But the hopes of becoming a medical professional never went away (and yes you CAN be both). I love people, and I love helping them. I have always had the dreams of love, happy ever after, the white picket fence, career, a great husband and children.... whatever it was, it was MY dream and somewhere along the way I started to see my dreams becoming a reality...graduation, marriage, children, a cozy home, and happiness.
So you see...dreams are much more than just empty wishes, with determination and an open mind.....some dreams really do come true =)

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