Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Years Irresolution

I have discovered, over and over, that it is important for me not to go above and beyond the things that make me, me.  Over the years, I've tried to change, but the results have not changed.

Once a year, I decide that I'm ready to be a real, responsible, healthy adult and it always ends terribly for me. But, I try anyway.  I sit myself down and tell myself how I'm going to do this.  Schedules are drafted.  Day-planners are purchased.  I stock up on fancy food because I'm planning on converting my entire family into healthier eating habits. I put away my daily yoga pants and pull out my nice jeans, skirts, heels and button down shirts. Yes, I prepare for my new life like some people prepare for the apocalypse.

The first day or two of my plans usually goes okay.

For a little while, I actually feel all grown-up and healthy!  I strut around with my ‘dressy’ clothes, looking everyone in the eye with that  glance that says "look at ME, I’m dressed up and responsible….just look at all my fancy groceries.”

At some point, I start feeling self-congratulatory.

This is a mistake.  

I begin to feel like I've accomplished my goals. I lose a few pounds, my nails are done, my hair is perfect, and I feel really good about myself. It's like I think a lifestyle change is something that can be earned like a trophy in one epic burst of effort and then coveted for the rest of my life.  

What usually ends up happening is that I completely wear myself out. Thinking that I've earned it, I give myself permission to slack off for a while. My fancy shoes, give m blisters (oh, how I miss my flip flops). I break out from wearing make-up everyday, and I get really tired of cooking every night!
Is it really that bad, if I wear my holed jeans while I run my errands? I’ll make sure to flat iron my hair and put on some lip gloss, this is acceptable, right? 

Well, I end up needing to take more recovery time than usual and this is when it all starts….

The longer I procrastinate, put on my yoga pants, and allow myself to drive thru Chic-fil-a for dinner, only leads to more and more irresolution.  

At some point in this endlessly spiraling disaster, I am forced to throw all of my energy into starting over again, just to dig myself out of the pit I've fallen into. The problem is that I start over, already burnt out from the last round. I won’t allow myself to fail. But,I do because it always ends the same way.  

And then I rebel.  


So, I’ve come to a new yearly resolution…..Do more of what makes me happy, fly by the seat of my pants, and laugh more! I’ll never fail at this one. 
Happy New Year, family and friends! 

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Just Frozen.....

Everyone is talking about the winter storm that is making it’s way to the Dallas metroplex. My morning shows have been interrupted with constant weather updates....ughhh! 
Oh, and I made the mistake and went to the store. Target was overrun with people stocking up on ice scrapers, food, movies and beer…lots of BEER. People are rushing and running thru the isles to make sure they have enough spaghettios, potato chips, Tyson nuggets, or whatever else they need to get them through the cold weekend. Hot chocolate shelves are empty and the lines were super long. It was a madhouse, reminded me of my Florida days preparing for the next big hurricane!!! But this is not a hurricane, it's ice. All I wanted was to get some salad dressing for my antipasto salad and look for a new book to read, on my only day off. Boy, did I pick the wrong day. 
School will most likely be cancelled so, the only people who should be freaking out and running around in circles are the parents facing this inevitable snow day, home with the kids!!!
Fortunately and unfortunately for me, I will be working tomorrow. I will have the opportunity to drive 10 mph all the way to work behind some really bad drivers. Talk about chaos, the roads are going to be a mess!  
People, this is north Texas, we get ice every year!And even if we give it a catchy name like “Snowpocalypse” or “Arctic Blast”, it’s still just ice and snow. RELAX and be safe. :)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Sleepless in Scrubs

I missed another school event last night…because I had to work. I rolled into my front door at 9am because I had to stop and get groceries before I could go home. If I am fortunate, I will sleep like a rock, hard and solid. But, when the kids get home from school, they will be on their own again...struggling to stay quiet so I can sleep. When I finally awaken, I will stumble through a shower and make my way downstairs. I’ll attempt to listen to my kids tell me about their day, trying to retain what they are saying. Unfortunately a lot of it goes in one ear and out the other:(

Coffee. Where’s the coffee…

My husband gets home, I tell him what he needs to know about my day: I didn’t touch the laundry, I didn’t unload the dishwasher, dinner is not ready, and the kids just started on their homework…oh, and we need more coffee. He nods, gives me a hug and out the door I go.

My drive to work consists of some kind of caffeine drinking and clearing the fog from my head. What will be in store for me tonight? A high census? Call-ins? I stress myself out before I even get to work…..

Where am I going with this: well, I write this post as a tribute to the night nurses that I have had the pleasure to work with. Although I am jokingly called a traitor for accepting a day position, I can’t help but feel a bit sad for leaving such a great group of nurses, some of whom I can call my friends.

The conversations that go on at night are unforgettable.
At night, we get the crazies, the spontaneous labors, the A.M. scheduled c-sections in labor. Everything is a surprise. We are sleepy, but we are working hard. We are overlooked, but we are faithful. We are lonely, but united. We are irritable, but knowledgeable. We are independent, but deeply depend on each other. We work in the dark, but our humors are light. Our stomachs are bloated and our bladders are full. Life goes on without us, and we go on when life settles. We function in darkness, even in the daylight. We have found ourselves driving into our driveways with no memory of ever driving home.
Night shift friends, you’ve made me laugh when I’ve been at my very worst and helped me transition into the nurse that I am. When I see you, at change of shift, please know that I am forever grateful for you. XOXO 

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Chalk Paint Challenge: Day One

So, I started painting my table today......
I can't tell you how many times I had to stop and check Pinterest for tips and tutorials, again and again! This chalk paint stuff is not as 'fool proof' as I thought, at least for me. Or maybe I shouldn't have assumed that it would be extremely easy.
I am painting an antique white table to an Old White color, easy right? not. The two white colors seem to be fighting with each other and I couldn't seem to completely cover the original paint. After about half an hour of freaking out, I figured that I would just apply a second coat afterwards, and that should take care of it. worked but then I was having trouble with streaking and dripping and because the paint dries so fast, my second coat was painted on with a half hardened-bristle brush.
*note to self: buy more than one paint brush!!!
I went ahead and finished the second coat and put my only paintbrush to soak.
I'm done for today, I need to pick up a few things from the Home Depot tonight and hopefully finish by the end of the weekend.
Right now, my table legs are painted and appear very 'chalky' but the streaks are less noticeable and I finally got the original paint color covered up. The clear wax should seal the paint and make it look less powdery (is that even a word?).  I'm still not 100% happy with this project but, hoping for better results tomorrow.

Tips from me:
~this paint is easier to use if you want a distressed look
~get good brushes and more than ONE
~be careful painting on a thick coat, dripped paint dries so fast and you'll have to chip it off or sand it down to fix it.
~it looks so much better after it dries
~the paint will chip and scratch very easily until you seal it with wax
~do more research than I did, before you start ;)

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Adventures in Painting....

I do not like to paint.
Now repeat another 100 times and you may be a bit closer to understanding the depths that I will go to NOT paint anything, especially furniture.
I have had bad experiences with painting in the past. Don't get me wrong, I love a good paint job but, those paint swatches that you choose from are not so accurate once they are painted on the wall, and in the right lighting can be very scary!!! I’m still having nightmares from a purple bedroom I had growing up :(

Now with that being said, I have also painted furniture before. I had an old wood farmhouse table that (three kids later) was in dire need of a good re-staining or paint job. I decided that I would just paint it because re-staining it would be much harder, or so I thought.
Oh Em Gee!!! Was I wrong! I had only started sanding it to find that what seemed like such a great idea, was more work than I had anticipated (remember I had three little ones and NO time for this). So it was then that I stopped the sanding and just started painting (mistake# 1). When it was finished, I loved it!!! It's rich black color gave the entire room a whole new look. And I was so proud that we did this ourselves.

Forward less than two years ahead….that poor un-sanded, unsealed paint job was still beautiful over-all but started to look like a hot mess. It had been used for many dinners, crafts, and kids coloring & painting and was showing its use. For a long time I just threw a table cloth over it and tried to ignore the horrible scratched up, worn paint that was hiding underneath (obviously, from a bad paint job). 

After much controversy, we decided to get rid of it and replace it with a beautiful glass top large round elegantly carved table with leather seats (mistake #2). It was beautiful and had the most comfortable chairs I've ever sat in. I loved it… long as I spent every waking minute wiping off the glass! Table cloths became my purchase of choice once again.....ughhhh!

A new home and money saved to redecorate, I realized it was time to let go of the glass top once and for all and do this breakfast room right.
It was then that I remembered how much I loved my solid sturdy farmhouse table that suffered the bad, rushed paint job.

Well folks, I did decide to attempt this painting furniture thing again. I sold my glass top table (thank goodness) on craigslist and bought an old strong and sturdy farmhouse table and chairs that need some TLC in the painting area. I’m not sure if I am keeping the chairs but if I find ones I like, they will most likely have to be painted, too.
Wish me luck…I will keep you posted :)
Please follow my adventures in painting as I am sure it will be, if anything, a funny story.