Sunday, July 19, 2009

Our Family Genre

If I had to pick a genre of television show that bests summarizes my life… what would it be?
Hmm, bear with me as I evaluate my options.

Drama: Some days with three little ones it is all about the drama. Even the smallest happening during the day turns into a momentous event that could last for hours. We spill a drink and the chaos begins. Some days, I feel like Lynette Scavo, from Desperate Housewives, who feels overwhelmed with being a working mom, my house is a mess, my kids are running wild and, I just want to cry.
My work days are very similar to an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. (only because I work in a hospital, not because we fool around in the on-call rooms). Working in a hospital, you never know what you are going to walk into at the beginning of your shift, every patient is unique in their own way, you are a part of life and death, and by the end of that long 12 hour shift, all you want to do is sleep! A day in the life of a nurse is very hectic, spur of the moment, and most rewarding job ever (next to be a mother of course) and I love it.
Soap Opera: Nope not a soap opera. I don’t allow negativity in my life, I don’t cause unnecessary drama, and I’m not a stay at home mom that wears heels and full make-up to do the laundry…..hello!!!! My kids really can be Young and Restless, though.
Food Network: I am constantly trying new recipes from all the cooking shows, I am no Paula Dean or Barefoot Contessa but I do try to have home-cooked meals on the table at dinner time on a regular basis. Diners, drive-ins and dives…we are always looking for new restaurants and mom-and-pop diners to try.
HGTV: Designers challenge can best describe me. I usually decorate by finding a picture of my favorite designer room and trying to duplicate it on a budget. Mike can be a regular on the before and after show, he has completely renovated the laundry room, garage, and is now working on our closets. We both work on trying to keep curb appeal and mission organization!
Action: There is always something going on. The kids constantly keep me on my toes, I am always running from here to there. My kids have their moments, you know the ones where they fight like they are competing on the Ultimate Fighting Championships, yeah we have those crazy days.
Reality TV: Sometimes I feel like we are the mini-version of a reality show. Dealing with day to day drama from the kids, neighbors, and family. We are no where near perfect but thankfully, no one is editing my life to pull out the worst and make a big deal out of it. We are very laid back and take each moment and run with it.
Sitcom: Where do I begin? This is very much us. We are probably most like the show Roseanne: a typical, working class family. Roseanne didn’t paint a picture of the perfect family life; instead her family faced hard issues head on. The man is a loving father and husband, often baffled by the bedlam of life. The kids keep life lively and challenging. My husband is a cross between Kevin James in King of Queens and Jim Belushi in According to Jim. He does crazy things sometimes but you have just got to love him. I am a little like Monica on Friends– a little intense sometimes, a good housekeeper, love to host, intelligent and loves her family and friends dearly. Add in a little craziness of The Office and you round out my week.

I guess in the end. The genre that most fits my life is documentary. We are watching and living life as it happens. No edits, just going through day-to-day experiences. Some days you cannot stop the tears, other days are non-stop action, some days you’d like to edit out the “real” you, and other days are just plain pee our pants funny. It’s all about documenting the memories of your life to remember for later.

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