Sunday, October 12, 2008

We Got Boo'ed

It started with a light knock on our front door. When the kids opened the door, smiles went round "Daddy we got boo'ed!" They screamed with excitement.
My kids know all about booing, as a family we tend to make it a big deal. We start planning as soon as we see Halloween decorations and candy in the stores. As a family we searched for baskets, candy, and special items.
Halloween is such a fun time, I still remember all my friends/family memories. I'm trying to give my kids those memories as well.
Current family activities: scary movie weekends, planning a pumpkin carving party, and spending time with friends.
When I see my kids laughing, enjoying their family and being a GOOD friend, I know I have done a good job at raising my little goblins.

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