Saturday, October 18, 2008

For Sydney

Sydney, my first born. She’s going to be ten this years old this year, I can't believe it.

She’s growing into a beautiful younglady…although she is entering into the most awkward time in her life. Her and I struggle with her hair on a daily basis and I give her a hard time for that. She asks me to put it in a pony tail everyday just not to deal with it, but I think she is more beautiful with it down. Her body is changing a lot and she is concerned with her body image and new curves, but hopefully with some encouragement she’ll come out of this with a healthy sense of her own beauty.
She will go far in life. She’s amazingly smart and very considerate. She is constantly surprising me with her wit and questions. She tries really hard to please everyone, always putting others first. She's starting to realize that some people can never be pleased. Shes growing up, taking life's lessons and learning how to deal with them.
She was my test baby. The one who I raised by the book. Although she didn't sleep through the night, she was well behaved, learned colors, reading, and writing very early. She did everything just right and she still does. She was always my little helper when I brought home her little sister and little brother. She is very responsible but I have to remind her that every now and then it is OK to break the rules.
She is my best friend. When her feelings get hurt, so do mine. When she is mad at her friend, so am I. When she is happy, I am too. I know the day is coming when she will no longer want me around, not even to have lunch with her at school or just give her a ride. So I will take these days and treasure them. When she tells me a new joke I’ll try a little harder to laugh. I’ll sneak in more hugs and tell her I love her more often.

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