Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jon & Kate...hate

I have made fun of parental drama on TV, like Super Nanny and Dr. Phil, especially the episodes where the kids are completely out of control, those shows scare me a little but make my kiddos look soooo good.
Well I have recently tuned into the TLC show, JON AND KATE PLUS 8, about that family with 8 kids and all the drama? You know the one!
The show is about the marriage between Jon and Kate Gosselin and the chaos of having eight (OMG) kids! I, myself, only started watching it recently because of all the current headlines. But, let me tell you something….after only a half hour of watching that zoo, I was dismayed! What I got from the first 15 minutes of watching is that the Gosselin’s are a beautiful family, full of discipline issues, marriage problems, and kid chaos. What family isn't??? There are families, children, and marriages out there that struggle just to make it from day to day, so stop whining already!!!
Soooo, my problem???
We all know that there is plenty out there to poke fun at. But the awful truth is, it’s the children who suffer when parents act like idiots. Get it together people! Once you have kids, they should be your priority!

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