Sunday, September 28, 2008

Another Great Weekend

The Tubiolo's had another eventful weekend.
Saturday was full of soccer....we started out at 12:30 and left the last game at 4:30. We had a Chick fila picnic filed side, because the games were so close together that we couldn't leave. I was so tired and so hot, all I wanted was a shower and a bed but instead we did some gardening when we got home. The kids were so sweaty that I let them run through the sprinklers, along with some of the neighborhood kids.
We then headed in for our showers as the kids were spending the night at my sisters house. Mike had a guys poker night to get to and I had to get ready for a party hosted by the hospital Anesthesiologists, it isn't often that nurses and doctors can hang out and have fun together outside of the hospital so I had to be there and I had so much fun.
Since my sister was grateful enough to keep the kids overnight, Mike and I slept in, I didn't pick the kids up until noon! I owe my sis big time.
Thanks to Brandon, Leo, and John for helping Mike with our new swing set, they worked hard today and it still isn't finished. The kids are super excited and I can't wait to hear the laughter and fun coming from our backyard.

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