Sunday, April 5, 2009

Mom on The Go!

It has been a super busy month and it is not slowing down. As a friend once said to me “Sonia, you’re so busy, it makes ME spin!” Yes, I am a busy body but that's strangely the way I stay organized. I usually blog at night because it helps me relax. But being that I just finished studying and need to unwind, I have nothing on my mind.
I guess tonight’s blog will be a simple update on us.

Hubby: Busy as ever working on things around the house and trying to find a place in his new job, it’s a whole new adventure but it keeps him home with me and the kids, so I can’t complain too much. He has completely remodeled the front of the house. We now have a full flower bed (minus the flowers due to this cold front!!) and shutters on the front windows. It’s amazing what he can do when he has a little time. Oh, and he has started playing on a softball team, heeheehee!! All I am going to say is man, we are out of shape!!!

Kiddos: Sydney’s 10th birthday bash is coming up and the plans are underway. We had a lunch picnic together last week at school, the weather was nice and I enjoyed watching the huge game of tag the 4th graders played, where do they get the energy???
Naty continues to have lengthy conversations on the phone with her friend, Lilly, she has definitely inherited that trait from me. I noticed today that she may have a cavity so we will have to take care of that right away. Naty also has a birthday coming up this month. I have lots of phone calls and planning to do.
Ethan is still playing soccer and continues to be very good at it, he is definatley my athletic child. But he is growing up way too fast! I am working on his paperworkfor kindergarten round up already. He is so excited about starting kindergarten but I am not. What am I going to do without a little one roaming the house? It’s too sad to even think about right now.

Me: Although life has me running in all different directions…. I’m happy, I’m healthy, and I’m here! i am trying really hard to keep everything balanced. Today I was forced to sit still for a while. The house was clean, the man was at softball practice, and it was cold outside. So what did I do? I played with the kids all day. I can’t remember the last time I played dolls, cars, video games, and colored all in the same day! We ended the weekend out to dinner with some new friends.
Our weekend was super busy but no complaints here. Now, as we move into another busy week, it starts all over. I have major couponing & grocery shopping to do, soccer practices, work, Thursdays’ ladies wine night, and Easter all coming up. I think I need to make an appointment with myself, and then maybe, just maybe I will have a day off.

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